We can always use help maintaining or improving our course. Below is a list of some things that you could do on your own or with the help of others. Everyones free time is a little different. This way you can help out as you see fit. Make sure that you have filled out a State Park Volunteer Form before performing any work.

1. Empty trash buckets at tee locations.

2. Take out small trip stumps in fairways with an ax or maul. Take out small bushes, upshoots and undergrowth in fairways by their roots. Also easily done with a maul.

3. Remove branches and logs from between fairways 1 & 2, 2 & 3, and 3 & 18. The stuff from between 1 & 2 can go up the hill to the other side of access road. The stuff between 2 & 3 can also go across the access road except for the large stuff which can go to the base of the hill to the left of #3 short tee. The stuff between 3 & 18 can go to the other side of 18 fairway into the woods.

4. We can use chainsaw help from time to time. If you can help do this, contact steve@pldga.com

5. I want to make Hole #9 a priority this year. Its long and wooded and needs some help. There are numerous growing things in the fairway that need dug out by their roots. A few trip stumps also. Stuff growing along the sides of the fairway needs cleared out. More so on the right side.  If everyone does just a little, we can have that hole manicured.

6. There is a large pile of mulch that can be spread under #10 basket, #11 basket, #17 basket and #12 basket.

7. Someone to lead clinics and teach others the basics of the game along with the rules.